bits of colored cloth

performance (25 mins), ladders, 35mm slide projections, glass, photographs, wood, lightbulb, 2013

a playful yet rigorous take on the contemporary notions of what the nation means: diaspora, education systems, and dialectics of the personal and the political. the scale of the performance is simple: a minimal stage area marked by three podiums. humming slide projections are silenced and three women voices begin to read a script; they all live in the US, and they are currently fighting for US citizenship. there is a rotation of testimony; a repetitiveness of certain acts. the voices have an intense concentration on the words and dialogue exchange, which creates an intimate storytelling feeling in an intensely small space. political history is provoked the form of conversation––through repetition and stuttering, a slowing of time and action, a pause in which to consider ethics.

the script was written in collaborative process and dialogue. special thanks to: william beckmann, michelle dizon, ashley hunt, jesal kapadia, david m. o'brien, ida m. o'brien, jill m. o'brien, richard d. o'brien, minha park, berenice reynaud, arundhati roy, weng san sit, mady schutzman, diego sierralta, felisia tandiono, three, lisa ueki, katrin winkler and meital yaniv.